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Sagacity Blog

January 8, 2015

How we used six thinking hats to help our customers

The thinking practice evolved with the significant contribution of genius brains like Socrates, Plato & Aristotle, who have propounded theories on critical thinking approach, but with the advent of time marked by major developments and changes followed with the basic practices ,evolved Edward de Bono out of the box thinking approach. Lateral thinking what Edward de Bono called using six thinking hats is simple& effective . A parallel thinking process that helps in moving from one dimension to six dimensional thinking parameters . For any organization, this works well as it helps their team, customers , employees , management & overall organization functions , processes and roles to move forward from their existing state to new and a better state.
January 3, 2015

Is the inability to address time critical issues in an hour of need , the biggest challenge businesses are facing today?

Have you ever thought that with various communication silos it becomes quite cumbersome to manage operational workflow . This seems to be a major obstacle that many companies face today whether they are small and medium-sized enterprises or enterprises at a larger level .These SMEs and companies at larger enterprise level are facing uphill compedition from their closet competitors or already existing incumbents , so as to remain competitive and upbeat the current market condition , it is very necessary that businesses desire for better channelization of plethora of communication silos that needs to have a seamless integration.
September 23, 2014

To Succeed In Sales You Must Sales

I was reading a very interesting book few days back and seems like it is still rambling on my mind as it was aptly pointed out and nicely written -“ To succeed in sales you must sales “ There was no use of big words, simply precise and to the point. A sales savvy guy who possesses great appetite for selling can easily read between the lines. A great approach one could use to unleash success in crafting a successful sales funnel.
September 2, 2014

Should Small Medium Telecom Operators consider Hosted Billing Platform

In the current era of tough competition and lower margins organizations are facing a uphill task of cutting down their expenses so as to operate within the limits of squeezed budget . Telecom industry is no different and is facing a similar challenge. Specially the small medium telecom operator owning 10K to 100K subscriber base are largely facing tremendous cost cutting pressure and are in a constant look out for ways that can bring down their cost in different areas .
August 5, 2014

Future of Telecommunication: Replicate Human Senses Into Sensory Technologies & Network

One of the significant evolution accruing in telecommunication is the introduction of human senses into information processing streams. The creation of intelligence in machines has been long cherished desire to replicate the functionality of the human mind, but still we are lacking in the development of such sensory technologies and network that will bring next generation innovation & helps in bridging the gap between the ways human interacts with machines. Now the challenge before us is the way we see human minds acting on physical sensations, can we evolve such intelligence system or machine which can react in the same way human mind do & make decisions based on these sensory perceptions.