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September 2, 2014

Future of Telecommunication: Replicate Human Senses Into Sensory Technologies & Network

Future of Telecommunication: Replicate Human Senses Into Sensory Technologies & Network

Future of Telecommunication: Replicate Human Senses Into Sensory Technologies & Network

One of the significant evolution accruing in telecommunication is the introduction of human senses into information processing streams. The creation of intelligence in machines has been long cherished desire to replicate the functionality of the human mind, but still we are lacking in the development of such sensory technologies and network that will bring next generation innovation & helps in bridging the gap between the ways human interacts with machines.

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Now the challenge before us is the way we see human minds acting  on physical sensations, can we evolve such intelligence system or machine which can react in the same way human mind do & make decisions based on these sensory perceptions.

A series of examples could possibly well illustrate this phenomenon

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is an enabling technology that can recognize human voice and in the true sense of innovation in the realm of human language technology. Although ASR cannot recognize voice in real time with 100 % accuracy.  This is now a foremost challenge to see the future enhancements &  developments in ASR technology.  How intelligently this technology can recognize different voices with 100 % accuracy.

Another example of intelligent  communication system is Intelligent Mobile platform & Voice-Recognition across mobile phone.

Intelligent Mobile platform which will be no more a simple two way communication platform rather it will infer human behavior and assist in getting location based information. Intelligent mobile platform will be using Magitti Technology, however, its specifications have not been released yet, but this technology will provide a robust platform where mobile phones will become more powerful with sensors, entertainment tools, GPS, accelerometer etc. Perhaps these intelligent mobile platforms with Magitti Technology will make more sense in terms of integrating the human senses in telecom which will bring revolutionary change in telecommunication history.

Voice –Recognition correction interfaces across mobile phone application allows speech recognition using Vlingo Software that translates voice into text. Now you can talk to your phone & the phone understands you without tapping, no thumb. Vlingo software allows your phone to figure out what you want, finds it & shows you.

The concept of Haptic communications is also one of the major advancement and change in telecommunication. An example of this Samsung releasing mobile phone using haptic cues that sends sensory patterns with the text messages to the person on the other end of the phone. Haptic communication to reach their full potential has to cover a wide range of tactile sensations.

This seems to be far –fetched science fiction than reality, but with recent development & innovation, we can see there is enormous scope that will bring changes in telecom industry now and in next 10 years with ultra sophisticated systems and machines to mimic & augment the senses & that is where will be the turning point in the revolutionary history of telecommunication the way people interact now and after 10 years.

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