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January 3, 2015
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How we used six thinking hats to help our customers

How we used six thinking hats to help our customers

How we used six thinking hats to help our customers

The thinking practice evolved with the significant contribution of genius brains like Socrates, Plato & Aristotle, who have propounded theories on critical thinking approach, but with the advent of time marked by major developments and changes followed with the basic practices ,evolved Edward de Bono out of the box thinking approach.

Lateral thinking what Edward de Bono called using six thinking hats is simple& effective . A parallel thinking process that helps in moving from one dimension to six dimensional thinking parameters . For any organization, this works well as it helps their team, customers , employees , management & overall organization functions , processes and roles to move forward from their existing state to new and a better state.

Sagacity has used Edward de Bono six thinking hats outlining precise perspective on the role of each colorful hat. Sagacity has applied Edward de Bono six thinking hats approach to helping their customers move to advanced & newer frameworks and business processes.

Sagacity has defined the role of each six thinking hats interwoven together in the following sequence.

Blue + White + Red + Black + Yellow + Green

  • Blue hat connotes process control . Every team member at Sagacity wear blue hat to manage their customers’ business processes . Every team member ensures to moderate that other colored hats do not overlap at any point of time . Also team member can shift the process activity to other colored hats for better control and performance.
  • White hat deals with facts and information . Having a white hat Sagacity was able to see the loopholes in our clients’ business processes and using the advanced frameworks, Sagacity was able to fill up those gaps. Sagacity client wanted to have a global definition of terminology which is based on industry acceptance & common across all applications . Sagacity suggested Frameworks that provide a common vocabulary for all the information required to implement the business process framework . It has helped us to reduce integration cost by adopting the standard information based model . By using mature framework we helped our client to predict the contract length so as to make the project profitable at the end . Sagacity also helped their client to define gross margin it can make at the end of the contract.
  • Red hat connotes feeling , intuition & hunches which one is not sure about .Having a red hat Sagacity was able to measure and manage customers business profitability . As our customers were using obsolete technology that has become sluggish & outdated & is a major cause for revenue loss and higher customer churn rates . We have upgraded their systems that were under-performing. We helped our customers to migrate from their existing platform to a new platform with better features with less or no extra cost . We have created an integration layer and helped our client to move from using a legacy system to a new and advanced system.
  • Black hat connotes difficulties and risk that something may go wrong and is a major problem if overlooked . Sagacity does not want to take any risk because we believe “ Our customers’ success follows our success “ . As today navigating through the sheer pace of changes present challenges for telecom operators and to survive in this challenging environment, telecom operators must think about managing a better customer experience . Having a black hat Sagacity has helped their customers to offset such risk factors . Sagacity has provided a solid payment gateway integration at their client server side . We have upgraded their systems that were creating overhaul running on their existing systems and giving poor performance results . We have replaced some of the applications running on the existing system & giving poor results by introducing an advanced integration layer with no impact to their existing system . We identified revenue leakage sources and helped them to streamline their workflow by mitigating risk.
  • Yellow hat connotes benefits or return on investment . Having yellow hat Sagacity has helped to probe value of benefits for their customers which we have managed to attend with our strong competency in the areas of Billing Migration , our client managed to save 300,000 GBP in a couple of years.Our client was able to save 5000 GBP per month on fraud management .We have managed to reduce the time for IP Phone provisioning from 90 days to 20 days making a huge chunk of saving . We have reduced operating cost by 45% and employee satisfaction by 30% and customer satisfaction by 70% from the last survey.
  • Green hat connotes creativity and opportunity to express new concepts and new perception. Having green hat Sagacity brings customized solutions to their customers needs. On the creative urge we have developed and supported various telecom products. We have achieved system integrations for our customers in the areas of Salesforce – billing system, broadsoft platform with In house CRM , Comverse platform with CRM ,CRM and multiple billing system ,various OSS tools with trouble ticket system for fault management.

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