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September 23, 2014
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January 8, 2015

Is the inability to address time critical issues in an hour of need, the biggest challenge businesses are facing today?

Is the inability to address time critical issues in an hour of need, the biggest challenge businesses are facing today?

Have you ever thought that with various communication silos it becomes quite cumbersome to manage operational workflow . This seems to be a major obstacle that many companies face today whether they are small and medium-sized enterprises or enterprises at a larger level .These SMEs and companies at larger enterprise level are facing uphill compedition from their closet competitors or already existing incumbents , so as to remain competitive and upbeat the current market condition , it is very necessary that businesses desire for better channelization of plethora of communication silos that needs to have a seamless integration. That’s quite evident that to obtain greatest benefit from those individual communication fabrics enterprises has chosen to embrace technologies such as VOIP , Voice mail , Video Conferencing , SMS , Mobile , iPad , Instant Messaging , Fax, Phone & Telepresence embedded onto a standalone platform by moving towards unified communication environment in which phones can call video units, facilitate better team interactions, dynamically bringing together virtual workgroups , mobile and remote individual together enable them seamless and effortless utilization of any communication medium available to them .

Businesses today are looking for myriad of options that allows them to reach their business partners, vendors, valuable employees and potential customers during the time critical hour of need without any delays. But even after the myriad of options available to you . Are you able to connect with your business partners , vendors , potential customers and valuable employees on a real-time basis? How useful are they from the end user prospectives? Is it certainly going to improve your workflow productivity and gain transparency in the efficiency of your operations?

The answers will probably be no , even with the myriad of options available to reach out , during the time critical hour of need these answers are always left unaddressed & hampers productivity due to lack of collaboration and is a major reason for communication blockade.

Today , unified communication acts as a best suited communication device on user profile as it is a standalone technology that enable the real time notification of that person’s presence & the ability to reach other during the time critical hour of need without any delays.

In a nutshell unified communication , exploring ways to ratchet up the capabilities of business ability to communicate more efficiently and speedily . The potential benefit of unified communication , though can be mapped across multiple industries like retail , hospitals, banking , logistics , eCommerce industry and so on.

Unified communication specifically is a technological boon to SMEs who now can communicate with their potential customers & business partners with the same professional and an easy way as enterprises at a larger level manage . SMEs can optimize their business processes with unified communication technology , though it’s actually a smaller size ten person company, but with unified communication it seems a stabilized big size organization where individual person can wear multiple hats & addresses time critical need for communication at one go without any delays.