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Should Small Medium Telecom Operators consider Hosted Billing Platform

Should Small Medium Telecom Operators consider Hosted Billing Platform

Should Small Medium Telecom Operators consider Hosted Billing Platform

In the current era of tough competition and lower margins organizations are facing a uphill task of cutting down their expenses so as to operate within the limits of squeezed budget . Telecom industry is no different and is facing a similar challenge.

Specially the small medium telecom operator owning 10K to 100K subscriber base are largely facing tremendous cost cutting pressure and are in a constant look out for ways that can bring down their cost in different areas .Information technology area spend that holds a significant percentage of the cost for small medium telecom operator has been under a similar urge and that has made them to think on their current operational model.The CAPEX model approach of building custom solutions ,or buying off the shelf IT products for running the business smoothly is both capital and resource intensive.

Hosted solutions an OPEX model approach can come as a relief for these Telecom Operators eliminating the cost of new resource allocation, lessening the infrastructure cost, burden on operational staff, product cost , integration cost , ongoing cost & equipment cost. Once such area the telecom operators can get benefited from hosted solution is the billing.

Hosted Billing platforms provide a compelling value to small medium telecom operators when compared with common alternatives like buying on-site software and burdening internal staff. Another advantage with hosted billing solution is it provides full accessibility to have a clear SLA with third party provider to cover all aspects of operations, including CDR collection cycles, output, delivery deadline and overall performance, response time to correct problems & most important responsibility for errors.

Sagacity has helped some of its customers who are small medium telecom operators to move from CAPEX to OPEX business model in the billing area .The results of this transformation were huge savings (1,50,000 GBP) ,increase in customer satisfaction and most importantly telecom operator focus increased on devising new strategies which can increase their percentage share in the market.

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