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To Succeed In Sales You Must Sales

To Succeed In Sales You Must Sales

To Succeed In Sales You Must Sales

I was reading a very interesting book few days back and seems like it is still rambling on my mind as it was aptly pointed out and nicely written -“ To succeed in sales you must sales “

There was no use of big words, simply precise and to the point. A sales savvy guy who possesses great appetite for selling can easily read between the lines. A great approach one could use to unleash success in crafting a successful sales funnel.

This time it has really made me think again what should be the ideal sales pipeline that we can simply put. As your sales pipeline defines the amount of business you attempt to close or a majority of opportunities that make it to the end , which many salespeople fails at.

On the surface, it may appear while closing sales comes natural to some, other benefits from learning . But if you really do not want to go over like a lead balloon you must have to first build a concrete sales pipeline for your business and for yourself. What seems most important for building an ideal sales pipeline one must consider these key points below

  • To best represent your product and service you should have experienced the benefits of your product and service first , so rather mugging up the benefits of your product and service , whenever next time you are selling your product and services to your customers, you are actually speaking your heart out because you believe in the benefits of using your product and services which helps you to better determine why your customers should buy.
  • Why someone is great at selling and closing deals because he or she is a great listener . The best approach of selling is customer focused selling. This approach helps your customer a possibility to open up more and a point comes when your prospects actually speaks about their problems and ask for your help , and this is the right time when you can pitch in your solution that fits best with their needs.
  • Remember a salesperson possessing good judgement , open minded & who always addresses current challenges always remains in the good books of their customers.
  • You may be confident, extrovert & outgoing or you may be slower paced, introvert doesn’t matter, if you know how your customers likes to be communicated. If you can matchup at their wavelength, it will give a pace for a comfortable communication between you and your customer , in that case it will give a chance to your customers to open up more and build trust.
  • Remember, every time you meet your customer feed this psychological triggers for a particular event or dates and give them a reason to buy , so when the next time that event or date hits they actually memorize you and most importantly, do not forget to leave footprints in the form of your business cards , newsletter and what can be better than a memorable company name you leave behind with them.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for more business from your existing as well as new accounts always keep exploring new opportunities and do not give up.
  • Always ask for references from your existing accounts and grow more business , remember 80 % of your business comes from 20% of your existing accounts.
  • Do not be mistaken if your business is doing great today , remember how it will be after 6 months from now. If you want to remain competitive show consistency in your sales follow-ups . The best approach you can use through is phone calls, emails, networking, use Google alerts to keep yourself abreast of recent happenings in your customers’ business. This makes them feel that you actually care about them.
  • Lastly, do not forget to close the sales whether it is through a phone call, email or in person meeting with your customer, always decide upon the next plan of action and do not forget to take approval from your prospect on the next action plan, always remember his approval plays a vital role.

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