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Virtual assistant solution

Nessa Bot Solutions

Out of Box integration with ServiceNow and ITSM Solutions

Fully managed BOT solution that gives cutting edge collaboration abilities to the end users over text, voice or popular messaging applications like Skype for Business, Facebook, Slack. Businesses are under relentless pressure to cut down Support costs and provide exceptional service, Nessa Bots inspired by artificial intelligence (AI) are best fit for enterprises.

What is Nessa?

  • A chat interface to do real conversations with users
  • It can be used with messaging apps
  • It understands written and spoken text and interpret its meaning. The bot can then look up relevant information and deliver it to the user Conversation UI and Task oriented
  • Live Agent, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality
  • Enhance ticket management system

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What Nessa can do for you?

Key Features

  • Advanced NLP and ML algorithms
  • Multimodal conversation using interactive cards with controlled user interaction
  • Multichannel – Available on Skype, Teams, Mobile, Web Crawl of KBs with backend database for plug and play responses
  • Use of interactive cards with controlled user interaction
  • Advanced admin dashboard for metrics- KPIs for Bot implements already in place in metrics
  • Out of the box ServiceNow integration, with built in use cases

Key benefits

  • Solution built on powerful open source technology stack
  • Cloud based offering (AWS / Azure) as well as on premise option
  • Available on Mobile App, Web Browser, Messaging Apps or smart devices
  • Driven by AI technologies like Speech Recognition, NLP, Machine Learning etc.
  • Flexible commercial model to suite your business needs

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