A single platform for all your applications. As robust as it is agile, the Simplicité platform makes it possible to meet all business needs in record time.

  • Agile development through dynamic model interpretation(DevOps).
  • Graphical development interface to go up to 10x faster than traditional development.
  • A full responsive design for a seamless mobile
  • Applications that evolve at the same time as the business.
  • Multi-cloud and / or built-in IT (OnPremise).

All business applications are managed on one platform. Simplicité drives innovation and digital transformation of companies on a daily basis.

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How it works

The software architecture components of the Simplicité platform is detailed below. The intelligent engine orchestrates the rest of the components of the platform mainly consisting of layers of successive APIs staged according to their level of abstraction with respect to the data:

  • A generic and responsive (UI) web interface.
  • A generic JSON/REST and XML/SOAP connection API layer.
  • Many API connections are positioned upstream of the web services layer.
  • Applications that evolve at the same time as the business.
  • A generic I/O integration based on the HTTP protocol that can be called in the CURL command line.



Graphical development interface to go up to 10x faster than traditional development. A full responsive design for a seamless mobile experience


Easy connection to your ecosystem through API


Creation of Business Objects using data mapping keeping the cardinality intact.


Creation of workflows and state diagram using Modeler in a seamless experience

User Management

Creation of group hierarchy, managing users and their rights. Seamless security integration with OAuth 2.0, LDAP, SSO, SAML

Value Benefits


Your application evolves in real time. Any change in your business is dynamically taken into account.

Time to Market

Your market is evolving, and so are your competitors. To remain ahead, it is important to have tools to respond quickly to the requirements of the changing landscape.


Our platform makes it possible to simplify previously tedious processes. It centralizes and organizes all or part of your activity, increases your productivity and avoids the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks.


Agility’s time and cost savings coupled with the breadth of functionality offered and an incisive ‘pay as you go’ pricing model ensures a near instant ROI.

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