, a step towards digitizing patient records and tracking on the go is a digital platform that enables hospitals to create patients file and manage them effectively.
PatientCare portal’s easy to document capability assists in recording patient’s case papers, treatment undergone. Along with, it facilitates to store medical reports in a centralized repository.

Mobile App has scheduling capabilities to automate patient’s medication charts and notifies medical staff to attend patient as per the schedule.
With the integrated messaging platform doctors and medical staff can collaborate on patient’s well-being.

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How it works


Smart Devices

Smart devices can be shared across multiple wards

Patient Details

Capture personal details of patient, associate assigned ward and doctor in charge.

Case Papers

Document Case Papers (reason for admission, medical history, allergies, investigations etc.)

Real-Time Sync

Real-time sync of patient details on smart devices


Schedule the medication for patients and actionable tasks are created for medical staff


Notification for actionable tasks to medical staff

Medical Records

Records actionable tasks being executed


Monitoring and Analytics of Vital parameters

Treatment Management

Documenting treatment undergone


Collaborate over a chat to discuss patient’s health.

Quick View

Value Benefits

Cloud-Based Solution

PatientCare is a fully managed cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere. No hassle to maintain on-premise infrastructure.

No Paper-work

Digitises the patient file, no more paper-based file besides every patient.


No more manual medication charts, scheduling makes it very simple and efficient.

Mobile Solution

With the accessibility on mobile, even the doctor sitting at home can take the insight of patient’s health and catch with medical staff over a chat.

Fast Notifications

Notification for the actionable items on the shared smart device or on medicals staffs smart device

Patient History

Keeps the patient history in a digital form, access and share anytime

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