Workflow System to encourage and track the progress of new innovations in Telecom


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We developed a workflow framework which provided a tracking mechanism for new initiatives being taken to drive innovation in Telecom. This also helped in tracking such Projects, their status and bottlenecks around them till successful completion. Management got a holistic view around all new innovative projects being executed in the organization.

Client profile

A Digital Media Company in Middle East, a joint venture of two major telecommunication companies.

Business Situation

Client was facing performance; accountability issue and budget overshoot for new initiatives as a result of all manual processes being in place. Overall organization revenue was impacted which created a need of process workflow system which can gauge accountability and streamline initiatives for timely delivery.

Key Challenges

  • Incorporating business case of multiple stakeholders to get a standard workflow
  • Frequent change in requirements with evolution of solution
  • Validation of solution by multiple stakeholders

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity analysed the existing processes for new initiatives and suggested improvements to meet the need of all the business users. We defined stages, people accountable for each stage, triggers for moving the project to next stage and escalation mechanism at each stage. We implemented the workflow process using the SharePoint technology. We utilized some out of the box features of SharePoint and developed customized features as per requirements of the solution. Milestones were set and interactions at each milestone were being held with different business users to make them feel comfortable with the newly developed system.


  • Helped the organization to analyse the new initiatives holistically and give the appropriate approvals of their implementation
  • Management was able to track the project status and their schedule at any point.
  • More number of initiatives came to conclusive outcome.
  • Management was able to utilize the resources effectively.
  • Dashboards and reports helped management to look at various dimensions of the project and assisted in taking appropriate action accordingly.

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