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Sagacity developed integrated platform for IDNOs that comprehensively automated all the business process workflow. This was achieved by integrating existing online applications and developing applications for processes that were manually handled. We brought all the applications together and gave a single view to access them as per roles through Single Sign On.

Client profile

Client is a leading Utility service provider for Gas and Electricity in UK

Business Situation

Refining and automation of processes was need of hour to speed up the go to market time. They wanted to have better Asset Management tool, Automated Quotation generation and approvals system in place. Document Management Integration, Workforce and Emergency Management were missing to carry out their operations which could reduce operational costs and delivering efficient services to their end customers.

Key Challenges

  • Understanding of client’s existing end to end business processes
  • Identification of processes to be automated
  • Identification of tools to automate the processes
  • Compliance and data security concerns
  • Integrating deeper with existing systems
  • Scheduling and Rostering of Workforce management

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity explored all processes and developed applications to bring all the processes online that were handled manually. Then we developed integrated IDNO platform with SSO and ACL capabilities. Applications as per individual role were visible and could be accessed through a single view. We proceeded with Automation of processes leading to automatic tasks assignment to respective departments with respect to their current status, defined as per business logic and workflow. This also helped in faster, smoother and streamlined operations, bringing in more accountability. Emergency Management and Workforce management with scheduling, job assignment, tracking and analytics were key features that were introduced. Document Management integration helped in integration of the document and records that allowed effective organization of the information, reducing physical files and costs while increasing the efficiency of all the business processes. Mobile Application Development helped to assign and monitor job status. Field engineers were able to view assigned jobs at run time and were able to update status into the system. We used Golang and node.js for Backend services and Angular for Front end services. Camunda was used for BPM Workflow and Decision Automation. Applications were synced with Documentation Management system for easy transfer of information and giving a better insight of over all business to respective stakeholders as per their roles.


  • Automated Process reduced operative costs
  • Increased speed and reliability of task implementation
  • Workforce management increased the productivity and efficient operations
  • Emergency Management assisted in improving customer satisfaction 
  • Document management Integration helped in organizing, tracking and accessing data.
  • Quotation generation was automated which resulted in reduced go to market time.
  • Complexity was eased with single view access and Single Sign On

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