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The purpose of the project was to provide a holistic view to identify top performers and to give incentives to appreciate their efforts. This required consolidating of data to 5 database repositories as per selected region, from 180 databases spread across 180 countries. A Reporting solution was created by Sagacity on top of these repositories. Generated reports from the reporting solution provided all the performance metrics to the higher management.

Client profile

A leading IT company which is part of a $ 2 Billion group and specialize in providing service to Government.

Business Situation

Management was looking for an efficient Performance Review process to reward their top performers. The current reports being generated were not able to effectively highlight top performances based on metrics across regions. In absence of Reporting solution, reports were being shared over e-mails from various regions which was not an effective way.

Key Challenges

  • Data consolidation due to varied geographies and difference in Time Zone
  • Reports for various countries and departments had to be based on parameters that were unavailable
  • Implementing this Reporting Solution had a strict deadline
  • Data sensitivity and Data protection regulations were to be kept in mind
  • Engaging teams across different countries for defining and implementing process for data transfer.
  • Data growth

Sagacity Solution

We analysed all databases and studied underlying schema structure to consolidate the data into 5 repositories. Database repositories were created based on application version which was running at various data centres. Customized ETL application was developed to collect data from various databases. Reporting solution was developed using Jasper report tool as per performance metrics provided by client. Data was growing with rate 3 GB per day and processing time was critical as window for processing data was only 4 hours, so we zeroed in on using Cloud services. AWS cloud was used to ensure horizontal scalability and ease of sourcing infrastructure. File based data transfer was developed to ensure fast processing of data at file system level. This Reporting solution was available to management to pull reports at run time.


  • Central repository gave a single view to management about performance of individuals in various regions
  • Accuracy of reports increased to 99%
  • Uptime of Management reporting achieved to 99%
  • Historic report can be executed at any given date for last one year
  • Alerts and Notifications in data import helped in fixing issues before reports were generated
  • Web based solution assisted to view reports from anywhere and anytime at run time
  • Reduction in operational costs

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