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An RPA solution using UiPath tool was implemented to automate the manual process of extracting the data from the attendance sensor machines for processing of attendance data for each employee and updating payroll system on monthly basis for it to process Salary of each employee. A UIPath workflow was developed to be executed by bot based on the trigger of certain events.

Client Profile

A manufacturing company in the business of producing and exporting polymer

Business Situation

Payroll contains perhaps the greatest amount of administrative activity of any human resource process, with every pay cycle demanding accuracy, timeliness and well-planned coordination across multiple organizational entities.  

Key Challenges

  • Lot of Manual Efforts to calculate the attendance and process salary accordingly
  • Lot of Manual Efforts in processing data to payroll portal.
  • Erroneous processing of salary.
  • Correction efforts to rectify salaries

Sagacity Solution

RPA Automation using UIPath was implemented for the Payroll Process which processes salaries of around 3000 employees across India. The bot logs directly into the application system of Sensor machines used by employees to record In and Out time. Bot reads the data for every employee, performs all the necessary validation against LMS for leaves or absence and update the data for every employee into Payroll systems. This validation and data entry was done manually earlier.


  • Elimination of manual effort
  • Reduction in processing time
  • Error free processing
  • Timely salaries for employees

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