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Next-gen Applications

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Sagacity Team analyzed each of the business applications and the documents which are input to or are output of these applications. The team also analyzed how these documents are being shared within the organization as well as with the government and the pain in maintaining and retrieving these documents for reference. A new process flow was defined and a solution was implemented utilizing Alfresco Document Management system which made maintaining,tracking and retrieving of documents easy.


Customer is a Utility Service Provider in UK

Business Situation

The Utility Service Provider is in the business of providing water supply to households in UK . The business requires lot of physical paperwork to be done and managed. Documents typically were of type contract, MOU, compliance, pipe and electrical layout designs and GIS Map files. Physical management of these documents were time taking and chaotic. Moreover searching a particular document for reference from the pile of files was time taking and tiring.

Key Challenges

  • Resources have to carry huge pile of designs everywhere they travel
  • Document change tracking mechanism was not in place leading to incorrect implementations.
  • Missing Compliance with regulators

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity team understood the current process flow , suggested changes to current process flow for the introduction of the Document Management System. Once the solution proposed was accepted sagacity team implemented Alfresco document management system integrating with various other business systems.

Document Management System Architecture

Technology and Products Used in System farm:
  • Java, .Net, C#, PHP, Angular, JSP, JSF, Node, Python, Android and Objective C
  • Sage Software for Finance and Accounting
  • Camunda as Workflow management
  • PRD Bureau Billing as Billing Software
  • Pentaho as Reporting
  • ERPnext as ERP and CRM

Document Workflow


  • Design changes are maintained and available to resources anytime, anywhere ensuring changes are well captured
  • Users doesn’t have to carry physical copy, as digital copies can be accessed anytime
  • Design change approval can be done quickly, reducing time and efforts
  • Better backup and disaster recovery because of digital documents

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