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Sagacity Team understood each department document process flow and the need for referencing the documents. Once the requirement gathering phase was over the implementation of Document Management System Alfresco was done with proper User Access Management .


Client is Indian manufacturer of several different product used by plastic industry as raw material for their finished goods.

Business Situation

Customer being a manufacturer required lot of physical paperwork to be done resulting in consumption of huge office space. Customer was looking for Document Management system which can store these documents in soft form in an optimize way and can in turn lead to faster retrieval on search when required for reference . Implementing the Right and cost effective document management system was the need of the hour which would help the customer save office space occupied by these files, moving the historical files to a Warehouse.

Key Challenges

  • Petrochem Customer using SAP, generating approximately 12200 document monthly was looking out for a cost effective way of managing the documents.
  • Currently the accounts room was full with physical documents.
  • Searching for document was a tiring task.
  • Documents are to be replicated across various facilities because of nature of business which in turn increased the storage space cost.

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity team understood the current process flow , suggested changes to current process flow for the introduction of the Document Management System. Once the solution proposed was accepted sagacity team implemented Alfresco document management system integrating with various other business systems.

Supreme Petrochem – Case Study (Architecture)

Supreme Petrochem – Case Study (Workflow)


  • Simple and open source solution helping the customer to achieve greater efficiency within the departments.
  • Solution was available on intranet from any site.
  • Faster Retrieval of document.
  • Physical document vault has been decommissioned resulting in better space utilization.

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