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Sagacity understood customers application flow, drafted the complete document management system requirement along with integration to each application, defined the process, the folder and the file structure and lastly implemented the document management system Alfresco for the customer.

Client Profile

Customer is a telecom service provider based out of UK

Business Situation

As a telecom service provider the customers order ,contracts and requisitions are all taken on physical paper forms. The service provider refer to these forms for certain type of request for verifying details making it all the more necessary for these physical forms to be present in the office. This has resulted in huge pile of physical papers all around the office occupying large office space. Searching for a particular file from this huge pile of files makes the task even more difficult.

Key Challenges

  • Delayed execution of service request from end customers.
  • Financial loss due to delay execution of service request like stop service.
  • No tracking of amendment of contracts with latest copies.
  • Reconciliation was difficult versus agreed price was in paper

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity implemented a open source Document Management System (DMS) alfresco and integrated it with Business Support applications used by the customer. A proper hierarchal structure and relational mapping was done while implementing Document Management system for faster retrieval of search documents. The architecture of overall solution provided to the customer for the Document Management System is shown below

Document Management System Architecture

Document Workflow


  • Reduced Storage space allowing a better use of commercial property.
  • Reduced efforts in searching and retrieval of documents
  • Faster service request executions.
  • Data loss was reduced.
  • Documents are available anytime and anywhere for authorized users.

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