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Customer outlined their roadmap for Digital Transformation and solution developed by Sagacity streamlined their operations. We transformed their legacy offline application system with multiple components into a single robust and reliable Web application and assisted in migrating data from legacy system. We accomplished many goals through this single application that includes removal of manual processes, faster validation and processing of data, providing insights to operations and accountability for various stakeholders. Our support teams ensured timely resolutions for technical issues raised during operations, post going live on our solution.

Client profile

A Government Organization which acts as regulatory body to Banking system in India

Business Situation

Government Regulatory body maintains a database with various type of information of banking units and uses that information for public dissemination, sharing information with external agencies and internal use. The Customer gets a lot of data from other Government and Non-Government banking organizations. This data needs to be easily available for reporting.

Key Challenges

  • Offline solution with multiple components not meeting business requirements
  • Reconciliation data issues
  • Lot of Manual intervention
  • Disorganized communication process
  • Dissatisfaction among all stakeholders
  • Accountability issues created lot of chaos
  • No visibility to operational insights
  • Unavailability of scheduled Reports
  • Non-adherence to processes by stakeholders

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity interacted with every key stakeholder and understood all important business functions and required validation checks. With our solution of single web application accessible to all relevant and involved organizations, automated processes ensured data is entered directly by respective banking organizations with no need of reconciliation and manual intervention. We developed a strong validation engine as per business logics to validate the accuracy of the data and reporting of errors to respective stakeholders. This improved the accountability of data being entered by stakeholders. Overall process time reduced drastically as data was available to all the stakeholders at run time, visible from one centralized location. Reporting and dashboards made critical information easily available that helped in getting a clear picture of overall operations. Post implementation, dedicated Helpdesk Team assisted in resolving issues in a responsive and professional way to minimize any disruptions and escalations. Escalation mechanism was developed to ensure that all parties stay informed in case data entry is delayed. Support teams also ensured to upgrade systems on time.


  • Developing single web application with string validation mechanism ensured data was accurate and on time. 
  • Answers to PQ was easy and available on screen. 
  • Various dashboards for each entity and role-based relevancy helped to be on top of information at any given point in time 
  • Report generation and delivery to each relevant stakeholder helped in better collaboration among them 
  • Response time for ticket resolution went down drastically with more efficiency 
  • System performance increased because of preventive measures 
  • Run Time alerts ensured proactive approach for problem resolution before being raised.

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