Automation of Price Checking Process using Automation Anywhere RPA tool





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The RPA solution was implemented to automate the manual process of price checking by referring the Item/Job id. A workflow was implemented using Automation Anywhere RPA tool and was scheduled weekly to execute the price checking process

Client Profile

Client works with leading brand and retailer worldwide to produce fine jewellery.

Business Situation

Client was looking at the automation solution for the price checking process. This was a manual and a time-consuming process. The actual process starts with picking up each Item/Job from one excel and searching and updating the prices in other excel. Every field in the excel must be updated based on its current prices on the website and another input excel file. The differences between the values taken from the website and values taken from input excel file also has to be updated in the excel in the difference column.

Key Challenges

  • Manual and Time-Consuming Processing of Item based on rule.
  • Manual search of Job on website.
  • Erroneous processing.
  • Time consuming efforts to identify and rectify erroneous data.

Clients need to process a greater number of Item/Job Id which is rule based and time consuming. Also, manual searching each job id into the website and in excel which may lead to more erroneous processes.

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity designed and implemented the workflow in Automation Anywhere. The input to the bot is two excel files which are stored at specified FTP location. The implemented bot updates an excel file by searching each item/Job id from an input excel file and also in the website. The Bot search each job id into another excel file and update the price values and other values into other excel, whenever bot found any result for the same. Also, the process includes web automation where some of the input values need to be updated by referring to the same Item / Job Ids on the website. After getting all values bot will calculate the differences between values taken from input excel and values taken from the website.


  • Faster Price calculation
  • More Accuracy
  • Elimination of manual effort

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