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Next-Gen Applications

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Sagacity developed a platform for the customer that stream lines the giving process by creating a worldwide community of givers, service providers and recipients. This platform enables givers to directly connect with recipients through service providers. It also helps in growing the businesses of the service providers which have been impacted due to covid-19 pandemic.

Client Profile

Client is a serial entrepreneur having rich experience in the field of real estate and healthcare.

Business Situation

The client came up with the idea of providing a single platform to the givers to help people in need by feeding them with food insecurities (recipient) and food businesses to grow in the covid-19 pandemic. This platform eliminates the disconnect between the giver and the recipient that other charities have by allowing the recipient and service provider with feedback options. The platform should allow the recipient to give constructive criticism to service providers after claiming and validating generated gift ticket

Key Challenges

  • Faster time to market for MVP - Quick turnaround expectation from customer
  • Integration with Yelp.

Sagacity Solution

A responsive web portal with role-based access was developed based on the requirements. Based on roles, respective users can login into the application. Admin role will have access to all the modules like giver’s transactions, service provider and ministry registrations. The application helps to authenticate giver and recipient through their Facebook credentials. Giver can offer this donation to the recipients by following means. 1. First come first serve(FCFS) 2. Post on Facebook 3. Donate to Ministry Mix of niche technologies like Golang, Angular, MySQL, PL/SQL, Google Charts and Ng-Charts were used to develop this robust application to deliver a great accuracy and usability experience.


  • One platform for givers, recipients, service providers and ministries to interact without intermediators.
  • Direct channel for givers to help people in need by feeding them with food insecurities (recipient).
  • Business growth opportunity for service providers in covid-19 pandemic situation
  • Common user intuitive solution catering to both Technology and non-technology recipients

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