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Sagacity developed an advanced application for a VOIP Service provider in UK to provision users for its Cloud telephone system, that is a complete PBX on cloud. The developed solution helps our customer to onboard hundreds of users at one go using Bulk uploading functionality, resulting in high efficiency. The solution in integrated with multiple internal applications through APIs to share the information smoothly between them.

Client profile

The client is a VOIP Service provider in UK that provides Telephone systems for Business communications to all size enterprises.

Business Situation

Our Client, on a regular basis has to onboard hundreds of users from respective enterprises into their systems to provide services to end customers. Due to tight schedules, high volumes and timeout issues caused due to number of records and infrastructure, an efficient solution to provision users, that can increase the efficiency was the need of the hour. This solution should be capable to interact with other applications in the environment through APIs.

Key Challenges

  • Provisioning Sever do not support high volumes of records to be updated
  • Strict Timelines to complete the provisioning of Users
  • Manual Provisioning was error prone and wrong extension assignments lead to a chaos and financial losses
  • Continuous monitoring was required to track the failures that occurred during inserting records in DB.
  • Visualization Capability was missing, and entire onboarding was managed through Character based UI and manual checks were required
  • Time out issues due to huge volumes of Users details being processed; entire process must be restarted as there was no mechanism to track what records failed to get updated into the DB.
  • Data corruption and no Reconciliation between to be updated and updated records in system was another major challenge.

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity developed a robust Bulk Uploader application with an interactive GUI that allows users to perform actions through graphical icons and visual indicators to upload data on provisioning server through REST APIs. Easy to use and Interactive GUI made it easy to upload Users records and provided feedback more effectively on the tasks performed like what records failed and why. Template Engine was incorporated to give the capability to create user-defined templates that can be reused and eliminated the action of repeated preparation of the data. Bulk Uploader Engine feature is at the core of the solution to initiate an import based on the templates from the template engine. Users just need to fill the necessary data in the excel and upload the data in the Bulk Uploader Engine. As Provisioning server do not support huge number of API calls to update records, we incorporated Scheduler that gives flexibility to schedule upload action when traffic is less. It runs a batch job to process the data and inserts data into the DB. After completion, a notification is sent on status of upload task. Reconciliation functionality helped to make sure that, to be uploaded data matched with the data uploaded on the Provisioning server. User can act against any discrepancies accordingly. Validation layer was developed to take make sure data is accurate by making checks on the to be uploaded data against data types defined in Templates and should match Business rules. Dashboards and MIS Reports helped users to visualize the Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data around data uploads at a glance. It also assisted to produce information and reports that are useful for improvising Bulk Uploader Engine Operations. Seamless integration between all required applications in the ecosystem was achieved through REST APIs. The entire solution is written in Golang to exploit it concurrency capabilities to upload the data as faster.


  • Provisioning of huge Volumes of users at one go through Bulk Uploader
  • Entire provisioning process made easy through interactive GUI
  • Data preparation for uploading records was taken care by using Template engine, to avoid repetitive actions.
  • Easy tracking of failed records to take appropriate actions
  • Eliminated the need of manual monitoring through batch processing using Scheduler
  • No chance of incorrect data being pushed to database, no wrong extensions assignment
  • Key performance Indicators easily available through dashboards

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