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Sagacity developed an advanced application for tracking and helping the Client to manage Service Requests carried out by field workforce more efficiently. The developed Jeopardy Management System monitors execution plans and detects jeopardy conditions. This system enables to manage risks associated with planned tasks falling behind schedule and making sure Service Requests are being completed on time.

Client profile

The client is a Utilities Service provider in UK that provides Water services to community.

Business Situation

Our Client, receives multiple service requests to manage water services like installing new connections, disconnections, metering, billing, maintenance etc. These requests are further delegated to respective contractors as per areas for implementation. Some services requests require permit from government, like digging roads for installing pipelines and have stringent timelines for completion of such requests. Such requests might attract penalties from Government if not completed on time, as per laws in UK. Entire data around these requests was being managed in Excel file ad tracking the tasks and Service requests was getting difficult.

Key Challenges

  • Tracking of Service Requests through Excel was a Key Challenge
  • No clear insights on Operational efficiency
  • No clarity in Accountability of Service Requests for respective departments
  • Lagging of Service Requests in terms of completion on time, leading to heavy losses

Sagacity Solution

Sagacity developed an insightful application that helps to store the data from various excel files into a centralized database to make tracking easy. A back job enters the data into the database through an automated process. Excel files are read through emails on a specific time period and act as input file for this process. A Web portal with role-based access was developed to support roles at various levels in the organization. Based on roles, respective users can view the data to track the status of Service Requests right from time they were raised till completion. The application also gives analytical capabilities to identify the gaps that which tasks are taking more time and why, based on data that is being infused and is used as historical data. All Service requests fall in one of the following categories: On Time, Approaching Jeopardy, in Jeopardy and Overdue. Developed system has Dashboards and Reporting mechanism that depicts the current stage of a task and highlights areas of concern. This is helping to improve operational efficiency by taking corrective actions as required by Client’s Management team. Mix of niche technologies like Golang, Angular, MySQL, PL/SQL, Google Charts, Ng-Charts were used to develop this robust application to deliver a great accuracy and usability experience.


  • Easy tracking of all Service Requests
  • Assistance in taking timely corrective actions on respective Service Requests
  • Analytical capabilities are assisting to take pro-active actions
  • Increase in Operational efficiency
  • Heavy Reduction in financial losses due to improved control on operations
  • Less chaotic situation as accountability has increased through visibility current stage of any Service Requests

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